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Our business was established in 1959 when our grandfather, father & uncle brought their motor business experience to the UK & specifically to Ilchester.

Papa Capozzoli (our grandfather), Vincenzo (our father) and our uncle, Luigi Capozzoli quickly established a large and consistently growing number of regular customers providing repeat business, thanks to a reputation for quality service and the highest standards of customer care. In fact, many of those early customers became close friends of our father and their families are customers still. Those generations of Capozzoli's lived in the area they served. Thus, we were born and brought up locally, achieving our formal motor trade qualifications with local main dealers.

Sadly, those generations are no longer, but we worked together for very many years and pride ourselves on following their example and maintaining their standards in all our motor business activity...from all areas of car service, maintenance and body work to our car sales business. Antonio (Tony) manages the maintenance side of the business while Luigi manages car sales, but both directors take a personal interest in ensuring that customers receive a personal and reliable service in all areas of the business, from this long established family firm.

We are enormously grateful to the community we serve that we can boast a thriving business, with the third generation of the same family still 'hands-on' more than 50 years from it's conception.

Tony & Luigi Capozzoli

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